People are really weird/gross.

Max Ryder had to put up with a few jerks during his live chat tonight for CockyBoys. It comes with the territory and happens with any live chat show anywhere—and Max is always a good sport—but I couldn't help but want to whisk him away from all these webcam weirdos and protect him from having to read such nasty thoughts. (And this is coming from me, the person who once wrote that he should be hate-fucked!)

Here are the ten most offensive things people said to Max Ryder during his CockyBoys live chat tonight:

Are you into scat?

Can I rape you.
I'd like to see you bent over by a big black stud.
Just not Diesel Washington...he might cripple you.

I want you to jerk off and wipe your cum all over your pretty little face.
Can you wipe your cum on the camera too?

SHOW your elbow!!
Show feet and kneecaps.

Jesus Christ, what a bunch of freaks. Especially the one calling himself "me." Wow.

Anyway, here's Max Ryder's very non-offensive and very hot new scene with Bel Ami model Jim Kerouac.

[CockyBoys: Jim Kerouac Fucks Max Ryder]