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The Ultimate Fuck Machine Is Here

Pull that fucking cock out and get ready to bust loads & save loads with the boys at Fort Troff! The famous toy, gear & fetish site just kicked off its fan favorite Mega Sale and we’re already stiff as a rock for everything this kinky company is offering up.

The monstrous sale – that only happens two times per year – includes deep-dick discounts in every department on the site. You can get up to 70% off off everything from nipple suckers to cock rings, knuckle fuckers, vibrating toys, and full-on slings. For those on the tamer side of the bedroom, there are even some more everyday items like briefs, backpacks, and harnesses.

Major highlights from this Mega Sale include the Raging Bull Sling, the Elite Bondage Bench, and the Porta Plow – the must-have item for any busy bottom out there that’s looking to get plowed on the go.

There’s also the Diamond X2. Described as “a power pumpin’ hole stretchin’ beast,” this self-fuck tool attaches to its “FAT” base that delivers an unlimited range of angles and can also be used in handheld mode to pound your asshole in exacltly the right spot. You can watch a video demo for this advanced toy right here.

If you want all the info on every ball-draining item in this oversized Mega Sale, you can head over to right now. Just be sure to make your purchase fast before this sale ends next week!

[Mega Sale @]


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate Fuck Machine Is Here”

  1. It’s a shame Devon Franco is into fisting! Love the guy but after seeing him fisted ….no thanks!
    Falcon has over used him. We need to see new manly guys that aren’t covered from head to toe in Tatts and come from trailer trashville

    1. …”Different strokes for different folks”… IMO I think Devin is HOT, and the fact that he is so versatile and piggy, including FF, makes him even HOTTER in my book.

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