Skyy Knox, Gabriel Clark, Tayler Tash

The Upside To Getting Busted For Having Public Sex

I know (or umm… I’ve been told…) that half the fun of outdoor sex is the thrill of possibly getting caught and while you ideally never want to get truly busted for any hardcore public displays of affection, there is apparently one good thing that can come from someone walking in on you – they might be into it and down to join!

Well, that’s at least what happened in the big finale to Falcon Studios’ Winter Skyy Riders. In the bareback threesome that just dropped today, Skyy Knox and Gabriel Clark can be seen snowmobiling and heading to a secluded area for some public play. Unfortunately for them, security guard Tayler Tash (yes, the same Tayler Tash who we recently declared as the model with the best ass in the entire industry) immediately spots them through a security camera and is on his way to put a stop to their outdoor activities. Fortunately for them though, Tayler is only bringing them inside so he can get naked with them and join in on the bareback action. Take a look a below:

So what do you think of this new scene? Have you ever been busted for an outdoor hookup? Have you ever sucked dick in the show? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to head over to Falcon Studios to watch this entire threeway and all the other bareback scenes from Winter Skyy Riders.

[Watch ‘Winter Skyy Riders’ w/ Skyy Knox, Gabriel Clark, Tayler Tash]


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