There’s a Drag Queen Named Bob on the New Season of ‘Drag Race’

The big reveal (I refuse to say “Ru-veal”) of the new slate of queens competing on the 8th(!) season of Rupaul’s Drag Race happened, and among them is a New York queen named Bob.

As Bob explains in the brief intro video below, this all has something to do with his dad? Apparently his dad’s nickname is “the drag queen”?! And he jokes that BOB stands for “big ol’ bottom,” which, probably.


Does everyone remember when the first season aired in 2009 and the grand prize was like $5000 and a box of Tic-Tacs? Those were the days. Now these bitches go on tour, and everyone’s heard of all these goddamn drag “celebrities” like Sharon Needles and Detox Icunt even though in days of yore, drag queens didn’t get national fame and stardom unless went on Jerry Springer and ripped off each others’ wigs. You just knew your corner-bar queen and all her tired Madonna numbers and that was that.

Anyway, now I sound old. I can’t wait until we find out which one of them has done porn!

Also, I think I love Naomi Smalls — she’s the imagined drag love child of Naomi Campbell and Biggie Smalls.


The new season premieres on March 7 on Logo, and the full cast teaser is below, and you can watch each of the queens’ two-minute interview clips here.




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