Dani Robles, Dato Foland

This Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows How MENatPLAY Hunks Get Suited Up

Popular porn studio MENatPLAY is known for their suited-up men and elaborate, multi-piece costumes and this new behind-the-scenes video from the bareback studio shows exactly how these men are able to get into those suits before a big scene!

The video in question shows us some BTS footage from the new fuck video featuring Dani Robles and Dato Foland. We get to watch as both men get dressed up with a little help from the masked-up crew before they start taking promotional photos for their scene. The crew assists with everything from putting on cufflinks, straightening out their ties, and putting on their belts. (Getting to put your hands all over these fit hunks doesn’t sound like a bad job tbh!)

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a dressed-up studio push out some content featuring their models getting dressed up. Earlier this year, Gentlemen’s Closet director Jasun Mark published a TikTok video that went on to gain half a million views that shows porn hunk Joel Someone showing Dale Savage what garters are and how to wear them. (You can watch that video here.)

So while “flufflers” might not be a real thing that we get to see behind-the-scenes footage of on these porn sets, there’s definitely always at least one person helping these ready-to-fuck studs get into their fancy gear. That may not be as hot as seeing a fluffer, but it’s still pretty interesting to watch.

You can check out the behind-the-scenes video for Dani and Dato’s bareback fuck scene below and if you want to watch the full video of the two hairy hunks fucking raw, you can head here. 


5 thoughts on “This Behind-The-Scenes Video Shows How MENatPLAY Hunks Get Suited Up”

  1. Really they cant do there own Belt or Watch are they totally Stupid the amount of dressing they had to have by another person is absurd and i agree the Female Photographer would be a turn off

  2. Interesting. It’s not that they weren’t in to each other, this is how it all shoots for photos look. Any gay porn photo shoot is less than sexy. And if it were me adding a female photographer would make it even less hot. It just reinforces the fact that this is work, it’s a job.

  3. That was 14 min that I can never get back. Those two couldn’t have been less interested in each other if they tried.

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