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This Is A Big First For Beau Butler

We’ve all seen Beau Butler in a lot of projects with Falcon | NakedSword over the past couple of years. You’ve seen him bottom and you’ve seen him flip-fuck, but one thing you’ve never seen is a Falcon | NakedSword hookup where Beau gets the chance to be a full-time top.

That all changes this week though with the latest episode of Release Room! For the second scene of the NakedSword Originals movie, Beau can be seen taking on the role of an overworked businessman that’s looking to unwind by using twink Eric Charming as his hired hole for the night and stuffing his smooth ass with his uncut cock.

This Release Room release marks the very first time in Beau’s impressive career with Falcon | NakedSword that he has released a scene where he’s only topping. However, this definitely isn’t the first time Beau has put his cock to good use for the studio group.

Just a few days ago, we saw Beau flip-fuck Michael Boston for Falcon Studios and before that, we’ve seen the versatile actor top and bottom in this threesome and a scene for Raging Stallion. Outside of the Falcon | NakedSword umbrella, Beau has also been seen topping porn stars like Grant Ducati for Trailer Trash Boys and Davin Strong for Bondage Bros.

While we definitely love any scene where Beau gets to bottom, we’re even more obsessed with the rare occurrence of him topping. Honestly, we mostly just love getting to see his thick and hairy ass on full display whenever he’s thrusting his cock into another man’s hole. Speaking of, go ahead and take a look at some preview images of his hookup with Eric below:

So what do you think? Do you prefer Beau as a top or a bottom? Who do you want to see him top next? Let us know in the comments and be sure to watch this entire scene right now over at NakedSword!

[Watch ‘Release Room’ ft. Beau Butler & Eric Charming]


7 thoughts on “This Is A Big First For Beau Butler”

  1. I’ll watch Beau all day long, bottom, top, whatever. He’s just a fantastically good-looking mand, sexy, sultry, SLURP!

  2. eric did a movie for Dragon/Chi Chi Raw , 10 priest ?? the amount of cum this kid took in his mouth, held it there for a while too, before swallowing was incredible. anyone else see
    that flick?

  3. This is Big? I thought he would have a 20-guy gangbang, fisting scene, or a mainstream movie role. At least we get to see him pound the beautiful redheaded Eric

  4. No surprise here. This is like I said before the best thing about being gay: Sometimes you feel like a bottom. Sometimes a top. But when you need to be both the threesome comes in handy.

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