Jacob Acosta, J Train

This is How Jacob Acosta Gives a Deep & Hard Massage

The best kind of massage is a deep tissue massage. Especially if that deep tissue is the very big, very thick cock of Jacob Acosta—who proves to be a pretty good masseur as he initiates a newcomer into gay porn.

When last we saw Jacob at GuysinSweatpants, he was pounding a newcomer, right after that strange Scream parody that was a departure for the studio. Now things return a little more to normal, with Jacob getting the first crack at bottom J. Train, appearing in his first ever studio scene (Jacob loves fresh meat at GiSP!).

Jacob Acosta, J Train Jacob Acosta, J Train

Jacob Acosta, J Train Jacob Acosta, J Train

JT is on his stomach, ass up on the massage table as Jacob oils up his back and gets to work—his client soon reaching back to yank Jacob’s monster boner as he gets a rubdown (I’ve done this before in a massage hookup, and it’s pretty damn hot). Soon, Jacob has his tongue planted firmly inside the bottom’s hole, then turns him over to get his cock sucked (the camera right below that monster, with Mr. Train going nice and slow, worshipping that shaft with every slurp sounding fantastic).

Jacob Acosta, J Train Jacob Acosta, J Train

Jacob Acosta, J Train Jacob Acosta, J Train

The newcomer then offers his ass, taking Jacob from behind on the massage table and then the couch, the top going balls deep (and those are some giant balls!). My favorite shot is the bottom sitting down on Jacob’s schlong. It really is intoxicating watching Jacob’s shaft and sac at work as it plows hole, and he shoots a load over the bottom’s back and ass to end the session. Maybe Mr. Train intentionally doesn’t want much of his face shown here, but I hope we get to see more of him soon…this scene is all about Jacob and his dick.

See the full scene at GuysinSweatpants!


5 thoughts on “This is How Jacob Acosta Gives a Deep & Hard Massage”

  1. Universal Potentate

    Very hot guys. I wish they focused on their faces more and introduced them as characters.
    They didn’t focus on the bottom’s hole or other more intimate shots.
    I thought the actors performed VERY well. I wish the direction and camerawork was up to the level of the actors.

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