Markus Kage, Ryan Jacobs

This Scene Gets Too Violent

We’ve been talking a lot about Markus Kage recently. He was just in that Super Bowl scene, that campy military scene, that strange dick-riding foursome, and that new boss-fucking Raging Stallion film. Well, now we’re talking about yet another Markus project and of all the scenes we listed, this is probably the wildest and strangest.

This scene involves Markus gifting a phallic pinata to his boy, Ryan Jacobs, for his big birthday. As the two are away from the rest of their family and setting up the pinata, the horny birthday boy notices daddy checking him out, so he pulls down his pants for a wet tongue fuck and BJ session.

Markus Kage, Ryan Jacobs Markus Kage, Ryan Jacobs

The secret oral fuck comes to a quick end when Ryan’s mom and sister rejoin the men for the pinata festivities. It’s now Ryan’s turn to beat the shit out of the pinata, but when he puts the blindfold on, he accidentally beats the shit out of his mom and sis instead! The boy apparently hits pretty hard because the two women immediately drop to the ground.

As the women lay on the floor lifeless, the stepfather and stepson do what anyone would do in their situation. They, instead of helping the women or making sure they’re okay, decide to bareback right next to their unresponsive bodies!

I mean, why pass up some good father/son bonding just because the women of the family couldn’t survive a hefty wack to the face?!

Markus Kage, Ryan Jacobs Markus Kage, Ryan Jacobs

Want more birthday boy hole and thick daddy dick? You can watch this entire weird ass scene over at!


5 thoughts on “This Scene Gets Too Violent”

  1. Ugly models; hideous tattoos; violence against women. Pop the corn and gather the kids — there’s something for everyone. It’s disgusting.

    1. Men is infamous for the stupidity of constantly throwing women in their GAY PORN scenes for absolute no reason. Trash site

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