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Thom And His Fire-Crotch Are Burning Things Up

Sean Cody goes three for three with a brand new ink-free, thick-dicked, ginger.

Fat cock, tat free, and red pubes are just one of the ways Sean Cody goes three for three today.

Following on the heels of Asher last Monday and his smoking boyfriend Deacon the week before, Thom makes the third successive time they started our week with a fresh, hot flavor.

thom red head sean codyThom’s 5’8″ stature is packed with muscle and sets off his fat seven inches a perfect, unblemished frame. He’s twenty years old with matching hormones that have him “pretty much always hard.” Especially when he sees someone with a big ass jogging. “I like it when it jiggles,” he states matter-of-factly.

thom red head sean codyThat’s not all he likes.

thom red head sean cody“There’s a lot of senses right there,” Thom says when asked about being rimmed. “It gets me even harder.” He’s not opposed to giving them either.

thom red head sean codyAs for that dick, “whenever I have sexwith girls, they say it hurts them … it’s kinda funny,” our carrot top says with a smirk. We’ll see what happens if he proves to be a carrot bottom at some point as well.”

thom red head sean codySpeaking of which, “Probably (nod). Probably (nod). I hope (half a smile), is how Thoms answers when Sean Cody asks him if he will back. Watch this blog.

[Watch Thom at Sean Cody]


1 thought on “Thom And His Fire-Crotch Are Burning Things Up”

  1. Thom, Thom, let your ginger pubes grow out. Don’t you know that they are, along with muscles and good looks, a gingers crowning glory. Grow those pubes. Grow those pubes.

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