Chris Damned

Damn, Chris! Three Different Chris Damned Scenes Are Dropping This Week

Tattooed hunk Chris Damned is booked and busy! The star isn’t starring in just one scene this week – he’s starring in three!

We’re getting to see this stud in two new Next Door Studios vids and one hot scene for Trailer Trash Boys. These new clips feature everything from glory holes to long pipes to firemen to homemade bareback vids. Take a look at all of Chris’ new scenes below and let us know your favorite down in the comments!

The Local Fireman

Site: Next Door Originals
Featuring: Chris Damned, Brandon Anderson
“A fire inspection turns HOT when fireman Chris Damned comes to check out Brandon Anderson’s pipes. When Chris catches Brandon jerking off in his office, he decides to join in on the fun, giving Brandon a fiery pounding.” [Watch]

Suckin’ At The Hole

Site: Trailer Trash Boys
Featuring: Chris Damned, Beaux Morgan
“What don’t ya like about a good old fashioned dick sucking through a glory hole? When a buddy needs some help, it’s your duty to suck that dick for him. And if he’s a good friend he’ll return the favor.” [Watch]

Chris Damned Pounds Payne

Site: Next Door Homemade
Featuring: Chris Damned, Dakota Payne
“Chris Damned and Dakota Payne bring you a sexy homemade scene for your viewing pleasure.” [Watch]


10 thoughts on “Damn, Chris! Three Different Chris Damned Scenes Are Dropping This Week”

  1. Lorenzo Andrea Capitani

    Tatooes are a rwal ‘downer’: they mean lower social class – try to get some pure good looking blonds.

    1. Lunatic over blonds

      I’m with you 100%…Nothing turns me off as much as a tattooed guy…yuck! And nothing turns me on as much as…you guessed it –a good looking blond!

      1. Yeah like we need more Corbin Fisher/Shaun Cody looking dudes in porn. I’ll take a rugged tatted up stud like Chris Damned and day. And tattoos are pretty mainstream now, and even if they did mean a lower social class, which by the way they absolutely do not, the fact that you find those of a lesser social class undesirable sounds pretty elitist and bigoted. You must be a hundred years old. You’d love the Middle Ages you should time travel back there when the tattooed were witches and the wealthy would dare dream of fucking the peasants.

  2. His tattoos don’t bother me one bit; if anything they add to his sex appeal. I’m not usually a fan of uncut guys either, but I am when it comes to Chris.

  3. I look at these photos and all I see is that damned ink — making the scene unwatchable. He would be hot without that shit, but as is…

    1. TOTALLY AGREE! theres just too many tats out there today, porn stars or other wise, tats are so main stream and over done today its actually refreshing and hot to see a hot guy with out any anymore. guys get these thinking they are being different or edgy they just pretty much end up looking like everyone else lol

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