Three Minutes Of Your Life That You Will Never Get Back

Some faggot who works for Andrew Christian underwear and who is still apparently listening to the Queer As Folk soundtrack in 2012 thought he would use an awful gay anthem from ten years ago to accompany this video of male models (including Quinn/Kurt Madison) in underwear washing cars (get it–“let’s get soaking wet”) while trying to exude sex appeal. Neither is accomplished. With the sound off, this is sort of OK, but even then, no. It’s too embarrassing, even by WeHo standards. The go-go boy style gyrations, the dry humping on the hoods of cars, the playful hosing each other down, the shaking of water out of the hair (what are you, a dog?!)…there is a difference between sexy and just plain fucking ridiculous, and this is it! Sorry in advance if you push play, but it’s your fault.

22 thoughts on “Three Minutes Of Your Life That You Will Never Get Back”

  1. I find the clip more amusing than sexy. Most of the moves performed by the models are only suitable for female strippers and look rather silly when performed by guys.

    But still, it’s a nice and funny clip.

  2. Well based on how many views it’s gotten in just a couple of days and that you are talking about it…. I’d say the guy who made it it pretty smart and it is working just fine! I have seen this video posted all over facebook and other social media sites. Sure the song is a bit silly…but I think that’s the point! It should be fun and silly. I love my Andrew Christians! :)

  3. Maybe the “faggot” responsible for this will read your comment and commit suicide, Zach. Will that make you feel better?

  4. I think you may be overthingking this a bit – it seems to me it’s like Paris Hilton and that burger commercial that got everyone similarly “outraged”, as much as it’s “oooh, water and car washes and sexy” blah blah blah… it’s also reminding us that all that posing is… well, posing. The models are in on the joke, and so are we. And isn’t that really the whole point of porn? We agree it’s sexy… and they pretend it’s hot? and wet?

  5. while i do think this is pretty silly and not particularly sexy i don’t see how it’s any different than the go go dancing of Quinn/Kurt Madison or Brent Corrigan both of which you thought was hot. hell didn’t Corrigan even comment about how flaming he was. LOL!

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