tim and roma porncast

The Most Irreverent Experience Online: “The Tim & Roma PORNCAST”

Which first lady was the best cock sucker? Did Tim really fuck Tom Cruise? Get a taste of Tim & Roma (make sure your vaccines are up to date) and their new PORNCAST.

Tim Valenti is the epicenter of gay porn. Sister Roma is the most photographed nun in the world. What happens when these two recruit an even dirtier boy to discuss politics, porn, and pop culture? You get “The Tim & Roma PORNCAST,” the most irreverent experience online.

Who turned the Oval Office into the Oral Office?

Which uptight Governor got his back door banged twice during the Super Bowl?

WTF is a “fake scat” shoot?

Tim the star fucker?

Welcome to “The Tim & Roma PORNCAST!”

See you next time for “The Tim & Roma PORNCAST” and remember, leave your politically correct filter at home because they sure do!

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