Tim Kruger Finally Gets a Crack at Thiago da Silva’s Hot Ass

We’ve seen a lot of hot newcomer Thiago da Silva since his debut last year, and now the Argentinean bottom finally gets the big dick of daddy Tim Kruger up his hole (how damn cute does he look taking that cock?!).

Thiago made his debut at Fuckermate last year, and last month he finally made his premiere at Timtales. He had a busy September there, taking the big dicks of Gusatvo Cruz, Mario Galeno and Nano Maso. Was Tim just feeling generous, letting these other hung tops have their crack at him first? Or maybe he was just too bust fucking other bottoms like cute newcomer Diego Platano.

Tim Kruger, Thiago da Silva Tim Kruger, Thiago da Silva

Regardless, the pairing is worth the wait, and the two have obvious chemistry as we get to see some cute smile exchanges throughout. Thiago spends some time slurping on daddy’s rock-hard cock, spit dripping from his chin as his lips get spread wide (I love these sucking sounds!). The sub strokes his own stiff dick as he sucks, Tim slowly face fucking him and guiding the sub’s head down on his knob.

Tim Kruger, Thiago da Silva Tim Kruger, Thiago da Silva

Tim also kisses the bottom a few times, including one hot sequence as he’s fucking him from behind…and also smooches his bicep at the same time (aww…cute!). Thiago looks hot as he takes it on his back, and gets wide eyed (and wide mouthed) as he sits down on the top and gets pumped from below with speed and force.

Tim Kruger, Thiago da Silva Tim Kruger, Thiago da Silva

A hot signature creampie closes the action, bringing more smiles to the faces of these two handsome men.

See the full scene at Timtales!

7 thoughts on “Tim Kruger Finally Gets a Crack at Thiago da Silva’s Hot Ass”

  1. I don’t know why (don’t ask me why then I won’t be able to answer…), but Tim Kruger has always intimidated me enormously… (I had him in front of me once during a festivity there, I totally froze…) – I know it’s pathetic, but I can’t help it. (yet we even have the exact same corpulence)
    … – as soon as he smiled at me I thought I was about to faint. LOL
    Sometimes our subconscious makes us totally stupid.

      1. Universal Potentate

        Hugo’s reply is human and endearing. We have to stop these children from posting on our forum. People who have no point of relatability to adult sexual or romantic feelings simply should not post here. Over 18 only please. No gay sex virgins either (harder to enforce but …).

  2. Love it when hung tops make the bottom’s ass ass juice froth or turn to white frosting. Even hotter when the top licks it up.

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