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Has Tim Kruger’s Cock Ever Looked This Big?

Not that Tim Kruger’s cock ever looks small, but in his latest scene with Peter Connor, he’s downright gargantuan.

Like every body part, not all cocks are created equal. Big, average, or small is the product of the gene pool lottery at that magic moment. Tim Kruger was undoubtedly bestowed with more than most.

In fact, more than once we have called Tim Tales the “watering hole of the biggest dicks on the planet.” With that in mind, when it comes to today’s scene, I hope you are thirsty. Peter Connor sure was.

tim kruger fucks patrick connor tim talesTim Kruger needs no introduction here at The Sword. Just last week, you voted him as The Hottest Ginger at NakedSword. Last spring, he won the tally for the Hottest Cock in Gay Porn. Today, it may be Peter Connor who is deserving of accolades. He took every single fat uncut inch of Tim right down to the balls. And not just with his ass.

tim kruger fucks patrick connor tim tales“If it doesn’t fit in the attic, stuff it in the basement,” is another saying we’ve have used here at The Sword. But seeing how much of Tim’s cock goes right down Peter’s gullet, that phrase is not applicable today.

tim kruger fucks patrick connor tim talesTo the uninitiated, you could say this 5’9″ newcomer from the Dominican Republic is no match for 6′ Herr Kruger. Those in the know, however, can see just the opposite is true. These two are a perfect fit.

tim kruger fucks patrick connor tim talesSomething else to notice today; both Peter and Tim smile so much this could almost double as a gay porn toothpaste commercial. No wonder Tim’s cock looks so big today. To say nothing of Peter’s smile being so white. Though in Peter’s case, there’s more than one reason for that. Tem more to be specific.

[Watch “Tim Kruger Fucks Peter Connor” at TimTales]

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