Tim Kruger Steals Nano Maso’s Bottom in ‘Impromptu’ Threeway

We’ve all been there, right? Fucking away with your bud when the hung lighting guy gets so horned he wants to join in, too. Okay, so that’s actually never happened to me, but if the lighting guy were daddy Tim Kruger, I’d be all over it.

I’m not sure how Nano Maso feels about it, though. There he is enjoying the warm mouth of Colombian Jhon Ramirex, a newcomer who recently made his debut getting his ass split by the big dicks of Gustavo Cruz and Mario Galeno. The shots of Nano’s python stuffing Jhon’s face, especially with the camera looking down at him, are jaw dropping…sometimes I forgot how big Nano’s dick is.

Nano Maso, Jhon Ramirex, Tim Kruger Nano Maso, Jhon Ramirex, Tim Kruger

And just as Nano starts messing around with Jhon’s ass, there is daddy Tim—supposedly an “assistant” to help with lighting—pitching a tent in his shorts. The smiling bottom happily takes that big dick out and starts sucking, and soon he’s getting spit roasted by 20-some inches of cock.

Nano Maso, Jhon Ramirex, Tim Kruger Nano Maso, Jhon Ramirex, Tim Kruger

The alphas fuck him from both ends before they switch positions, Tim fucking him doggy. They then takes turns plowing him from behind before Nano takes back control and fucks the bottom on his back, Jhon getting two loads on his hole at the end.

Nano Maso, Jhon Ramirex, Tim Kruger Nano Maso, Jhon Ramirex, Tim Kruger

I know these improvised threesomes aren’t as improvised as the studios like to pretend, but I think it’s kinda hot anyway. Can I get Tim to follow me around with lights please?!

See the full scene at Timtales!


4 thoughts on “Tim Kruger Steals Nano Maso’s Bottom in ‘Impromptu’ Threeway”

    1. Except for the blog’s photo of Kruger holding some sort of light-sabre looking gizmo with his arms outstretched akin to a Luke Skywalker pose…Kruger is actually smiling. Imagine my surprise. Having seen lots of “action” images of him over the years, this is the first one I’m seen of him actually…smiling. Good for him. Up until now, his only facial expression has always seemed to be somewhere between bored, stoic & emotionally elsewhere.

  1. Love seeing hung tops fuck the bottoms deep and when pulling out the ass ring is pronounced. Makes me want to lick the bottom’s ass.

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