titanmen rough trade

Some “Rough Trade”

One part Tom of Finland + one part Al Pacino’s “Cruising” and one part Fassbinder’s “Querelle”, “Rough Trade” is a surreal, artistic look at gear, spit, piss, busted holes, big dicks, dildos, and fists.

In an about-face from “Cauke for President” or “Out!”, TitanMen serves up “Rough Trade”, a fresh take on a classic fetish movie in the feel of their award winning leather series, Fallen Angel. Shot at The Faultline in Los Angeles, “Rough Trade” is the first hardcore celebration of the upcoming International Male Leather competition this Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago along with a little shindig called The Grabbys.

Providing the bulges under the jocks and the cocks the in the rings are TitanMen exclusives David Benjamin, Jesse Jackman, Nick Prescott and Dallas Steele along with Diesel Washington, Adam Ramzi, Dirk Caber, and Dolan Wolf.

[Watch “Rough Trade” at TitanMen]

“Rough Trade” was directed by Jasun Mark and the first scene pairs Jesse Jackman and Diesel Washington clad in leather hats, harnesses, and jocks.
titanmen rough tradeUntil Diesel is clad in nothing but Jesse’s hairy ass and Jesse in two heavy loads.

[See Jesse Jackman & Diesel Washington in “Rough Trade” Scene One]

Is anyone else heading to IML? What kind of fetish play does your body take seriously?

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