TitanMen Signs Retired Dallas News Anchor Dallas Steele As Exclusive; Falcon Signs Bravo Delta

TitanMen has a new, big, muscle daddy in their exclusive ranks, Dallas Steele, who’s already appeared in the studio’s recent Blue Collar Ballers. And, like a lot of the guys in their stable, Dallas is a big, hairy, masculine dude with a rock-hard cock.

He stars in the new feature Break a Sweat, which you can see a clip from below, and in which he’s in a fuck scene with Hunter Marx.

Interesting fact: Dallas is a retired news reporter and news anchor — anyone recognize him?!?! I’m guessing it was kind of major-market? Maybe Chicago area or Texas? Anyone?



dallas-steeleUpdate: Of course within minutes a commenter comes through — He was indeed a Dallas news anchor for a couple of decades (hence the porn name), which he talks about in this lengthy interview, providing a screenshot to prove it. He ended his career in 2013 in southwest Florida.

Also, while he explains that he does have a 31-year-old boyfriend, he lost his partner of 11 years in 2014, and he started doing porn (via a solo at COLT) eight months after his death.

And that body? He’s been working out seven days a week, even on holidays, for the last 23 years.

Dallas is the third new exclusive signed by Titan in their 20th anniversary year, following on handsome, bearded Matthew Bosch, and also handsome and sexy Eric Nero.

But if you want to know who exactly is in their current exclusive stable, I wouldn’t suggest looking on their website! The model page lists everyone as an exclusive, and it features everyone from Dario Beck, who left the studio for Raging Stallion/Falcon last year, to people like Rick Van Sant and Dean Flynn who haven’t done porn in years! Also funny: photos of Cole Ryan and Jake Deckard that are probably ten years old.

But the Titan website’s all new! And they’re re-releasing a remastered, HD version of Cirque Noir (2011), starring Spencer Quest, Tober Brandt, Logan Steele, and David Garcia — along with Buck Angel and Ouchy the Clown!

Here’s the new clip from Break A Sweat, with Dallas Steele and Hunter Marx.

In other new exclusive-contract news, Falcon Studios Group has just signed a former CockyBoy: Bravo Delta. (CockyBoys of course still has him as an exclusive too.)

Falcon made the announcement on their blog, saying, “A stunning face, piercing eyes and sculpted body generously covered in hair are just the beginning of what makes Bravo Delta one of the most sought-after men in adult erotica. Add to that his huge, 8.5” endowment, sexually charged personality and intense performances, and you’re presented with a gay porn powerhouse.”

Bravo got his start as an X-tube star, and he’s made a name for himself with that cock in CockyBoys features like

Says Bravo about the move, “I’m very excited to finally be joining Falcon Studio Group’s A-Team. My work with them thus far has been a great experience and a lot of fun. I can only expect things to take off from here. I’m very eager to see what they have in store for upcoming scenes!”


Bravo will appear in Dick Moves, the first scene of which will be out on RagingStallion.com on November 13. He’ll also appear in Hot House’s Towel Off.



9 thoughts on “TitanMen Signs Retired Dallas News Anchor Dallas Steele As Exclusive; Falcon Signs Bravo Delta”

  1. I wish Dallas hadn’t became a Titan exclusive, that means we’ll get one watered down condom scene every few months.

  2. Ah, finally someone mentions his past career as a news anchor!

    While I’ve never watched him on the news ever, if you manage to find out his name and google it, you’ll find some pretty scandalous stuff that caused him to move around a few times. This is why some news stations make it a rule never to respond back to any type of comments posted about the news anchor, even on his or her own social media account!

  3. Dallas is such a hot daddy and a great performer. It’s a pitty that he joined Titan, they’re doing shitty porn. Dallas had a great collection of private homemade bareback vids on his tumblr, but one of the contacts condition was to delete them all. I hope that when the contract expires, he will get much more interesting proposals.

  4. Why does Falcon always have to photoshop the cocks on every model, even a model like Bravo who already has a very nice and very large cock? The photoshopping is so obvious and looks ridiculous.

  5. yes… I recognize him… met him about 6 years ago, & chatted with him & his partner on occasion. Heckuva nice guy. He’s been through a lot the last few years… I won’t go into details, as it’s not my place to do so, but I wish him well in all that he does.

  6. Wow I guess Falcon is starting to hire whoever to model for them. Plus I didn’t know they are resorting to hiring midgets.

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