To The Last Man 2?

Raging Stallion is currently shooting what’s being billed as their “big movie” of the year about an hour north of San Francisco, and it’s got a western theme (unless Tom Wolfe just happened to arrive on set via horse). More behind the scenes photos and a partial cast list below.

Chris Porter, Jesse Santana, Colby Keller, Tommy Defendi, Tom Wolfe, and Paul Wagner (below) are all among the cast. I’m getting a To The Last Man vibe? Stay tuned…




13 thoughts on “<em>To The Last Man 2</em>?”

  1. Pornobobbie Uncut Superhero



  2. More crappy porn made for flyover country. Better titles: “Same Old Faces on Horseback” or “Boring Condomback Mountain”

  3. Damn- the thinking man’s porner, Colby Keller makes me dumb with heat. For me, he’s worth watching not only because he’s brutally sexy but also because he’s super fucking smart and funny- triple threat.

  4. Paul Wagner getting fucked with cowboy boots on? That sounds delicious!

    Not that I really want him in this one, but no Ricky Sinz in this one? He was the only survivor in To The Last Man if I remember correctly.

  5. What I really wanna see is Tommy Defendi on a horse. And that facial scruff just kills me. Yummy!

    I can’t wait for this movie to be released.

    I’ve got a thing for men on horseback. Chris looks AMAZING up on that horse.


    Thank you for posting this.

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