Today In Gay Web Series: ‘The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo’

The L.A. gays have given us a new web series to watch, and it’s kind of funny, and really talk-y.

It’s called The Gay and Wondrous Life of Caleb Gallo, and the guy behind this is Brian Jordan Alvarez, an actor you’ll recognize if you were a fan of Go-Go Boy Interrupted or The Gay Age Gap. He plays Caleb, and in Episode 1 he plays matchmaker for four of his friends, including the straight guy he’s in love with, his best friend Karen, his friend Len — whose full name is Lenjamin McButtons — who’s just decided to go bi, and his gender fluid druggie friend Freckle (Jason Greene).

Caleb also has a Facetime date with a guy named Benicio, and there’s this other gay named Chris who won’t stop talking, played by Go-Go Boy Interrupted creator/star Jimmy Fowlie.

Freckle’s pretty funny, and if you can stick out the full 19 minutes, you might not regret it — it’s not so terribly written! But I’ll reserve judgement until I know where it’s going. Also, just a note: England is a lot more than 1000 miles away from L.A., but maybe “1000 miles away” is just an expression?

Oh, Los Angeles.

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