Tom Faulk Cruises Newcomer Alex Tanner In Restroom, Does Not Fuck Him There

Gone are the days when we could just shoot gay porn in a public toilet and no one would care.

The public bathroom used in the new Next Door scene with Tom Faulk and Alex Tanner — who figured in one of our early heats of hot newcomers from 2015 — looks to be a quiet one in a park with a running trail, perhaps near the Santa Rosa, CA headquarters of Next Door Studios. But instead of just shooting some sex there, even a blowjob, they’re coy and legal about it and they head back to a bedroom that absolutely is not believable as the bedroom of perma-stoned seemed Tom Faulk who was just jerking off on a bench in a public park.

It is the bed of an older, more well off gay man, complete with white leather upholstered headboard and accent lamps.

Tom of course looks more at home in the bong-filled and garbage-strewn Fraternity X “frat house,” but I digress.

Alex Tanner remains pretty sexy, but I have a well documented love for gingers.



Not sure why they have Alex rimming Tom’s ass before the sex, because Alex is the only bottom here. But there it is.

Here’s hoping that How to Cruise: Park Seduction is actually the beginning of a whole cruising series! (But I doubt it.)















[Next Door Buddies: How to Cruise, Park Seduction]


3 thoughts on “Tom Faulk Cruises Newcomer Alex Tanner In Restroom, Does Not Fuck Him There”

    1. Usually in gay porn the bottom rims the top man. Don’t know why. Maybe rimming is seen as a submissive act that the bottom should perform before the top fucks him.

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