Tommy, Tommy, Tommy

If you think there’s such a thing as “too much Tommy Defendi,” stop reading now. If, like me, you think there is such as a thing as “never enough Tommy Defendi ever,” keep going.

Coincidence, company synergy (all three studios are owned by the same parent company), or the simple reality that this is just a case of making the most obvious choice. I don’t care! Raging Stallion, Falcon, and NakedSword had to put someone from the casts of their latest DVDs on the covers, so they chose the hottest person who would sell the most DVDs.

Three new releases from the past two weeks, all featuring Tommy Defendi on the cover:

Giants Part 2 is here, Golden Gate Season 2 is here, and Tommy’s Get Me Off (my pleasure!) is here.

The trailer for Tommy’s scene with Heath Jordan:


[Get Me Off: Tommy Defendi Fucks Heath Jordan]


6 thoughts on “Tommy, Tommy, Tommy”

  1. An entire world of Tommy wouldn’t be enough. The Get Me Off cover is divine, how could you possibly resist that movie?

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