Too Big To Handle?

It’s no secret that Falcon | NakedSword Exclusive Sir Peter has one of the biggest and girthiest cocks in the gay porn industry. It’s fat as all hell, takes around 900 grams of silicone to replicate, and no matter how many times we see it in action, we can’t help but stare in awe at just how massive it is.

That especially holds true with the second installment of NakedSword X Sir Peter – the limited series from that is directed by, produced by, and starring this hung sensation. In the scene, Sir Peter is cruising and dicking down hairy daddy Marco Napoli in front of a small crowd of horny onlookers. He uses his oversized slab of cock to fill up Marco’s mouth and completely stretch out his hole before delivering a creamy load all over the bottom’s beard.

Now we’re left wondering about your thoughts on meat that’s this large and in charge. Could you handle a dick as big as Sir Peter’s? Is he too big for your various holes? Would it require some warming up before you could take in the whole thing? Get a look at some photos of Sir Peter’s Peter and let us know all your hot thoughts in our perverted poll below and down in the comments.

Could you take on someone as big as Sir Peter? How big is the biggest dick you’ve ever taken? Have you seen Sir Peter’s replica dildo? Let us know in the comments below and for even more action from NakedSword X Sir Peter, head on over to

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9 thoughts on “Too Big To Handle?”

  1. I know I can. After being pummeled by a Black Jamaican 13 inch beer can thick cut cock, all else is a piece of cake. The guy Walter said I was so cute and tiny and I would love to fuck that lil hole. He kept begging me for weeks when ever I went out drinking. Seeing the outline of his dick thru his jeans i said fuck no, that will need surgery or velcro get its tightness back. I finally gave in. How he got it in was when he was soft/flaccid got 4 inches in and started getting hard and pushing…..Damn when I felt his dick there was nothing left to grab but his nuts. I thought it would hurt but once he got hard and started pumping I lost it talking like a drunken sailor. We hooked up several more times until he moved back NY…..Walter I still think of your big ass black daddy dick!

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