Sir Peter, John Thomas, Cutler X

Top 10 Cockiest CutlersDen Scenes of 2022 (So Far!)

It’s been a huge year at CutlersDen, and we’re only halfway done! The studio has quietly been raising the bar and attracting a lot of big established stars, with an impressive array of Den debuts in the books during the last six months. As we continue our series on The Best Scenes of 2022, we count down the 10 hottest Den scenes (so far!) this year. Which is your favorite? Vote in our poll!

10. Drew Sebastian, Prince Flackoo

I have a weakness for big daddy dick, and seeing Drew get his sizable schlong worshipped by a Prince (that ass!) is a treat. [Watch]

Drew Sebastian, Prince Flackoo

9. Ty Santana, Lawrence Morningstar

Handsome Ty has been gaining in popularity and exposure since debuting at Guys in Sweatpants two years ago, and here he makes his Den debut riding Lawrence. [Watch]

Ty Santana, Lawrence Morningstar

8. Amadeus, Danny Starr

What a treat! If you every peruse Twitter, you may be familiar with @massively_mode, aka Amadeus, a beautiful British bodybuilder who is always rocking his signature glasses and his big dick. He rarely does studio work, and I think this is his first studio scene in nearly a decade. How about some more ASAP?! [Watch]

Amadeus, Danny Starr

7. Lawrence Morningstar, Jay Alexander

I have a crush on Jay. There. I said it. That ass is delicious, and he has great connection in his scene with Lawrence. [Watch]

Lawrence Morningstar, Jay Alexander

6. Cutler X, Louis Ricaute, Julian Torres

I want to lick all over Cutler’s and Louis’s bodies…would you look at those beauties?! Fuzzy Julian gets in between these two studs during some hot spit roast and DP action that has all that fur getting nice and sweaty. [Watch]

Cutler X, Louis Ricaute, Julian Torres

5. Brock Banks, Roxas Caelum

In his very first scene for the Den, gorgeous Brock shows off his sub side when he offers up his holes for Roxas. These two are so damn cute together I can’t stand it, and the sequence with Brock sitting down on the Rox cock is a highlight. [Watch]

Brock Banks, Roxas Caelum

4. Luke Truong, King Byrce

Would you look at these two?! With the King’s body and Luke’s magic ass, this is a stimulating visual feast. [Watch]

Luke Truong, King Byrce

3. Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X

In a rare appearance away from Lucas Entertainment, Ruslan makes his Den debut—and even he has to breathe deep as he takes Cutler’s big cock up his award-winning ass. [Watch]

Ruslan Angelo, Cutler X

2. Cutler X, Roxas Caelum, Cain Marko

I love seeing a muscle daddy submit, and big boy Cain gets his jock hole and mouth stuffed by Roxas and Cutler, who offer up some spit roasting and double penetration. This was a close call with the #1 scene on our list… [Watch]

Cutler X, Roxas Caelum, Cain Marko

1. Sir Peter, Cutler X, John Thomas

On a list filled with big stars debuting at the Den, we saved the best for last: The Sir and his big slab join Cutler in DP-ing John, an all-star threeway if there ever was one. [Watch]

Sir Peter, Cutler X, John Thomas

See them all at CutlersDen! Which one is your favorite? Vote in our poll below, and stay tuned for more of our coverage of The Best Scenes of 2022! (And just to note we stuck to scenes through June for this list, so that hot threeway with Lucca Mazzi and Ian Sterling demolishing Eli Shaw didn’t make it…but will surely be there on our end-of-year list!)

Best of 2022

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