Top 10 CockyBoys Scenes of 2022 (So Far!)

We’ve seen hung newcomers, bottoms as tops, a fuck train, aggressive encounters, romantic rendezvous and more! With half the year over, it’s time to look back at all the big dicks and tight holes that have been entertaining us at CockyBoys this year, including some fresh meat that has made quite an impression. Which scene is your favorite? Vote in our poll!

10. Aiden Ward & Xtian Mingle
Aiden is an instant must-see performer, one of the most underrated in the business. And with that amazing cock, I love him as a total top.

Aiden Ward, Xtian Mingle

9. Ari Avanti Double Feature: with Roman Todd / with Leo Louis
Ari is adorable, whether getting manhandled by Roman or his holes stretched by Leo (look at that face!!!)

Ari Avanti, Roman Todd
Ari Avanti & Roman Todd
Ari Avanti, Leo Louis
Ari Avanti & Leo Louis

8. Cody Seiya & Tyler Wu
Cody as a top?! We love it!!!

Cody Seiya, Tyler Wu

7. Leo Grand & Leo Louis
Double the Leos, double the pleasure! Watching Mr. Grand get destroyed by this traffic cone cock is a delight…

Leo Grand, Leo Louis

6. Daniel Evans & Tristan Hunter
Two of the most truly versatile performers in the business flip fucking with their big dicks? Yes, please!

Daniel Evans, Tristan Hunter

5. Jordan Starr Twofer: with Damien Grey / with Dane Jaxson
Jordan’s big and juicy cock is heaven (even hotter given his stature and genuine smile), and I love watching Damien and Dane struggle with it.

Jordan Starr, Damien Grey

Jordan Starr, Dane Jaxson

4. Kane Fox & Evan Knoxx
This romantic, darkly lit pairing gives us two hung pros showing is why they’re so damn good.

Evan Knoxx, Kane Fox

3. Daniel Evans & Lane Colten
Cute and hung newcomer Lane debuts in this scene, which gave us these stunning shots of Daniel getting fucked…

Daniel Evans, Lane Colten

Daniel Evans, Lane Colton

2. Daniel Evans, Evan Knoxx & Caleb Manning
The only threesome from the studio this year so far gives us real-life couple Daniel and Evan getting frisky with newcomer Caleb, a ht train fuck the highlight.

Daniel Evans, Evan Knoxx, Caleb Manning

1. Trevor Brooks Double Feature: with Jacob Acosta / with Lane Colten
Newcomer Trevor Brooks is a force of nature, and his clear enjoyment at sucking and getting fucked by these big dicks is must-see TV.

Trevor Brooks, Jacob Acosta
Trevor Brooks & Jacob Acosta
Trevor Brooks, Lane Colten
Trevor Brooks & Lane Colten

See then all at CockyB0ys! Which one is your favorite? Vote in our poll below, and stay tuned for more of our coverage of The Best Scenes of 2022!

Best of 2022

7 thoughts on “Top 10 CockyBoys Scenes of 2022 (So Far!)”

  1. Daniel Evans and Lane Colten. Good god Daniel’s penis is so fucking erect while he’s taking it up the butt. I’m gonna blow another load just typing this. Time to go back and watch again.

    1. In fact, I wish I had Daniel deep in my throat while he gets fucked. He’s such a beautiful man and sexy stud. Did I mention that dick? Goddamn

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