Top 10 Hot and Hung CarnalPlus Scenes of 2023

With hung studs like Adam Snow, Cole Blue, Eddie Patrick and Legrand Wolf in the mix, how the hell are we supposed to pick just 10 scenes from the Carnal family as our favorites of the year?! It’s a hard task, but here we go…which scene (and which cock) is your favorite?

10. Workday Distraction (Fun-SizeBoys)

Damien Grey, Legrand Wolf

Legrand and his big dick have been very busy this year, but his chemistry with Damien Grey (look at him ride that pole!) is our favorite of all his one-on-one scenes. [WATCH]

9. Apprentice Roux: Atonement (MasonicBoys)

Tucker Barrett, Adam Snow, Dillon Stone, Sage Roux

Cute Sage Roux gets stuffed at both ends by daddies Adam Snow and and Dillon Stone, while Tucker Barrett (sadly clothed) lends some smooching assistance. [WATCH]

8. The Ties That Bind: Closer (Gaycest)

Cain Marko, Legrand Wolf and Serg Shepard

Serg Shepard had a bunch of scenes in this series with Legrand and Cain Marko, but the scorching finale (with a hot fuck train) is our favorite. [WATCH]

7. Reece Scott Twofer

Reece Scott, Hunter Graham

Reece Scott, Hunter Graham

Daddy Reece and his insanely thick and hot cock has had two scenes so far with former Helix model Hunter Graham, including a hot oral-only encounter [WATCH] and a deep fuck (I will never tire of seeing these two together!). [WATCH]

6. Back From the Gym (TwinkTop)

Dillon Stone, Cole Blue, Milo Miles

Coach Dillon Stone offers up his hot holes to the gorgeous cocks of Cole Blue and Milo Miles, including a hot fuck train with Cole in the middle (which happens again on this list…it must be his favorite position!). [WATCH]

5. ScoutBoys Fourgies Double Feature

Legrand Wolf, Serg Shepard, Adam Snow, Trent Benz

Ace Banner, Adam Snow, Damien Grey, Serg Shepard

Adam Snow and Serg Shepard have fucked in two hot ScoutBoys fourgies this year, including an outdoor romp from the International Scout Boys series (in conjunction with Staxus) where they are joined by Legrand Wolf and Trent Benz [WATCH], and a tent encounter where they are joined by hung daddy Ace Banner (in his debut year as a studio performer) and twink bottom Damien Grey [WATCH].

4. Silent Night (Gaycest)

Cole Blue, Colton Fox

Gorgeous Cole Blue celebrates Xmas by stuffing his big dick into bro Colton Fox in a steamy, slow-building encounter that finally erupts—I love seeing Cole as a total top! [WATCH]

3. Eddie Patrick Double Feature

Eddie Patrick, Ethan Tate

Trent Benz, Angel Black, Eddie Patrick

Hung newcomer Eddie is amazing as a top or a bottom! In his studio debut, he takes a pounding from Ethan Tate (look at Eddie’s bod and cock as he takes it!) [WATCH], and then the stud takes control as a top in the International Scout Boys series where he fucks Trent Benz and Angel Black (including another hot fuck train). [WATCH]

2. Neighborhood Secret Tape: Double Feature (Gaycest)

Tucker Barrett, Brian Bonds, Marcus Rivers, Myott Hunter

Woof! This award-nominated fourgy finds hung twinks Myott Hunter and Marcus Rivers riding big-dicked daddies Tucker Barrett and Brian Bonds. [WATCH]

1. Meeting the Assistant (Gaycest)

Adam Snow, Cole Blue, Noah White Adam Snow, Cole Blue, Noah White

Adam Snow, Cole Blue, Noah White

Amazing from start to finish, this threeway from The Professor series has Adam Snow and Cole Blue teaming up to stuff their big cocks in cute Noah White’s holes, including a spit roast and a fuck train with Cole in the middle (in fact, every scene from this series is a winner…these three are so damn hot!). [WATCH]

Which CarnalPlus scene is your favorite?

best of 2023

14 thoughts on “Top 10 Hot and Hung CarnalPlus Scenes of 2023”

  1. Love the men of Carnal and the way the studio tells its stories. The quality can’t be beat and the models they feature are always so sexy!

  2. All the scenes deserve to be in the Top spot :) For sure to have more great scenes from Carnal+ this year

    1. OH MY GOD, GAY MEN ARE SO DISGUSTING. DID YOU KNOW THEY LICK EACH OTHERS BUTTS TOO??!!! Cantwell clutching her pearls in a sad corner of the internet…in her parent’s basement

    2. Post a link to a photo of you so we can be the judge of you, otherwise, it’s pretty disgusting the way you’re talking about real humans who are naked, vulnerable, and performing on camera. Stop being so sad and pathetic, and maybe find a life of your own and a personality that isn’t solely defined by vile behavior…

  3. Yikes I'm Barfing

    not sure whether to barf or slit my wrists. literally the trashiest, creepiest, and most garbage dumpster porn I’ve ever seen in my life. also not sure who to feel more sad for: the guys in the scenes or nakedsword for being desperate/clueless enough to publish this on their website. either way: yikes.

    1. Right!? What is wrong with this blog? Why are they promoting the shittiest porn on the internet with a Top Ten scenes list? WTF

      1. Get a life. if you don’t like it, why are you watching it? Those who protest the loudest are the ones jacking off to it secretly. Exactly what we used to tell the redneck homophobes. You don’t like Brokeback Mountain? Don’t watch it. You sound like a school marm picketing X, Y, Z movie. Grow up. Its fantasy. Theaters carry a disney film with a gay character right alongside Silence of The Lambs. No one cares that you think its trash. And no one is fooled when you tear down others for their kinks and fantasies. BUT LET IT BE SAID – Carnal has the hottest content on the internet.

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