Top 10 Hottest Missionary Boys Presidents

To celebrate Presidents Day, we take a look back at the hottest Presidents from Missionary Boys (and its former moniker Mormon Boyz)! Who is your favorite Missionary alpha daddy? Vote in our poll!

Can’t we just elect one of these men to the highest office every four years? The world would be a happier place. You can still find most of these scenes at Say Uncle and Missionary Boys, so check them out and tell us your favorite in our poll below (they’re all hot!!!). Also check our Top 10 Gay Porn Presidents to continue the holiday celebration!

10. President Wilcox (Ryan Wilcox)
Started his career at Men.com before filming the bulk of his work as a President.

Ryan Wilcox

9. President Woodruff (Scott Anderson)
This scruffy stud appeared in a handful of scenes in 2015.

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

8. President Olsen (LeGrand Wolf)
Arguably should be #1, but he covered up that handsome face so much when he was there (why, LeGrand…why?! ). Plus, it’s hard to find his old Mormon Boyz stuff these days…if you want to see more of LeGrand, head over to FunsizeBoys and Gaycest.

LeGrand Wolf LeGrand Wolf

7. President Oaks
Since 2016, he’s been one of the most prolific Presidents. This handsome salt-and-pepper stud is defined by this role…he is President Oaks!

President Oaks President Oaks, President Nelson

6. President Skye (Manuel Skye)
One of the newer Presidents, and one of the more pre-established stars to take on the mantle, Manuel is one of the more sensual alphas.

Manuel Skye Manuel Skye

5. President Ballard (Max Sargent)
Max hopped on board in 2017 with that thick daddy dick of his, and really knows how to work over the recruits.

Max Sargent

Max Sargent Max Sargent

4. President Lewis (Joel Someone)
One of the more active current Presidents, Joel really gets into with the dialogue and scenarios—and is one of the most verbal when the action gets rolling (he’s also one of the few that occasionally bends over).

Joel Someone Joel Someone

3. President Faust (Kristofer Weston)
Kristofer is so perfect for this dynamic…we wish he would do more!

Kristofer Weston Kristofer Weston

2. President Nelson
The bulk of his work came out in 2016, and he was one of the more mysterious Presidents around. (Dear God that body…I can’t even.)

President Nelson

President Nelson

President Nelson

1. President Lee (Myles Landon)
Another daddy with a big dick, strong and silent Myles is built for this role. He’s a quieter alpha who still has a lot of presence, and it’s so hot watching him fuck, jack off and deep throat the Elders.

President Oaks

President Oaks

President Oaks

Who’s your favorite President? Vote in our poll! And head over to Missionary Boys and Say Uncle for more!


1 thought on “Top 10 Hottest Missionary Boys Presidents”

  1. I loved the older Mormon Boyz vids (except when the wore masks) — great to see these ‘Priesthood leaders’ get some recognition here!

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