Best MissionaryBoys Scenes

Top 5 MissionaryBoys Scenes Of 2020 (So Far!)

We know the end of the year is coming up and everyone is going to be releasing their “Best of 2020” lists soon enough, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start a little early and count off our favorite porn scenes of the year.

Today we’re looking at the sexy men from MissionaryBoys! This site is for anyone with a kinky religious side to them. If you’re looking to watch some God-fearing hunks take off their magical underwear and bareback eachother until the word of God comes spewing out of their hard cocks, then this list of videos if for you.

Check out our favorite scenes below and head on over to MissionaryBoys to watch these videos in full!

5) Elder Madden: Anointing

Handsome Elder Mason is a precocious, vibrant talent in the mission, and there is no ceiling on his potential. He helps Bishop Jesse Anoint his companion Elder Madden, taking turns with the boy as they ride the priest’s thick cock to ecstasy! Watch the entire scene here!

4) Elder Mason: Bonds of Brotherhood

The Order has kept an eye on Elder Mason and Elder Madden for months, as they seem to have a clear affinity for each other. President Oaks bonds with them both, fucking Elder Madden aggressively and watching as hot cum drips from his smooth asshole. Watch the entire scene here!

3) Elder Bar: The Gift

Elder Bar returns to the mission to serve as a gift from President Lewis to his esteemed colleague, Bishop Napoli. The blindfolded boy climbs on top of burly Napoli to go for a ride that makes his toes curl in pleasure! Watch the entire scene here!

2) Elder Anderson: Ordination

Elder Anderson’s pride is his only weakness as a missionary, so the Order sends in two skilled priests to temper the boy’s ego. The men spitroast the boy aggressively, filling his ass and mouth with hard cock, and tease his stiff cock with a sensual handjob! Watch the entire scene here!

1) Elder Solano: Anointing

Elder Garner has never explored his inner sexual desires, but as Bishop Davies fondles his young cock, a wave of lust comes over him. He lets the priest suck his swollen erection and sits his virgin asshole on the man’s girthy dick to enjoy a bareback ride! Watch the entire scene here!


2 thoughts on “Top 5 MissionaryBoys Scenes Of 2020 (So Far!)”

  1. Kind of disappointed that JoelSomeonexxx didn’t rank among the top 5. He is the series man on the planet. Just my opinion.

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