Did The Italian Government Really Pay For Gay Orgies?

In a word, “sì.” Seems the director of their anti-discrimination department (UNAR) used funds earmarked to combat homophobia to invest in private prostitution clubs.

File this under “Fuck me.” The Daily Beast broke the story I wish wasn’t true, “Francesco Spano, Italy’s anti-discrimination chief, has resigned after reports that government funds were being used for gay clubs offering services from prostitutes.” That’s the last thing we need. And the last things the LGBT community of Italy needs.”

In Italy, the county seat of Catholicism, LGBT “enlightenment” was long in coming and hard-fought. Even now, same-sex couples aren’t considered “married” and they can’t adopt children. There are frequent violent homophobic attacks and studies consistently show both a lack of tolerance and understanding on both gender and sexual orientation issues. This is not going to help.

Francesco Spano
Francesco Spano

“The investigative television show Le Iene (Hyenas) exposed how, under his charge, the government agency had allocated nearly €180,000 in taxpayer money to a variety of associations that run private gay social clubs and saunas across Rome that specialize in sleazy and unsafe prostitution.

Sending a willing gay reporter undercover, Hyenas’ exposé revealed three clubs in the capital that received €55,560 and tax-free status that offered massages and more. One club charged €50 for a basic massage with post-rubdown intercourse or fellatio for a €70 supplement. Another club charged €38 for the massage and €50 for the extra services—the transactions, and much of the encounter, caught on grainy videotape.”

Ugh, I say. But seems the news crew and investigators got quite an eye full. I wonder if the alleged government-sponsored orgies look anything like these:

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3 thoughts on “Did The Italian Government Really Pay For Gay Orgies?”

  1. I’m italian and i don’t think is true, italian parliament gave 1 million to unar who assigned it to many project of different associations including 50k€ to andoss, the one the incriminated club are affilieted with. But 1) unar finances single project and not association or club and 2) they didn’t get the money yet. In worst case is andoss who evading taxes but i don’t know how much are responsible if the clubs are just affiliated and not their property

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