topher dimaggio fucks jeremy spreadums

Topher Turns Jeremy Speadums Into A Dripping Mess

Topher Dimaggio’s haters are going to have a bad day as his fans say “we told ya so” after another epic cumshot.

Topher Dimaggio is a divisive name in gay porn. Some love to hate him. Some hate to love him.

I have always found the sight of his handsome face wrapped around a cock almost as hot as watching him unleash what is often overlooked: Topher has the potential to shoot like a cum geyser – and that’s exactly what he does today as he goes into the pink of Jeremy Spreadums in this second scene from “Into the Blue”.

As a reminder, the last time Falcon lensed Topher, it was with Ryan Rose in “About Last Night”
topher dimaggio ryan rose falcon And it was quite the sight to behold.

topher dimaggio fucks jeremy spreadumsIt’s true for everyone. A porn star can only be as good as the studio filming him. Sure, had him pluck Paddy O’Brian’s on-camera cherry. But when they put him with Jeremy, there wasn’t much to see. Today, Falcon has both he and Jeremy begin and end in crystal blue waters. In between, they fuck in outdoor splendor and sunshine.

topher dimaggio fucks jeremy spreadumsToday, the guys were after more than just a dunk in the pool. While Topher is letting his fingers do the walking in Jeremy’s hole, Jeremy goes down into the water — and all the way down on Topher’s cock.

topher dimaggio fucks jeremy spreadumsTopher hoists Jeremy’s legs into the air and starts pounding away. Locked in a kiss, the roll back until Topher is on his back and Jeremy is using his muscular legs to give himself a joyride.

topher dimaggio fucks jeremy spreadumsFrom missionary to on their knees, Jeremy rubs out a thick load while Topher is buried to the hilt. Seconds later, and with Jeremy’s cock still oozing, Toper bends him over and frosts those freshly-fucked cheeks with five high-flying cum rips, leaving Jeremy’s ass drenched. All sticky under the sun, then it’s time for them to go back “Into the Blue”.

[Watch Jeremy Spreadums & Topher Dimaggio in “Into the Blue” scene two]

2 thoughts on “Topher Turns Jeremy Speadums Into A Dripping Mess”

  1. Topher “haters”? I want the names and addresses of all Topher “haters”! Names and home addresses. LEAVE THE MAN ALONE! He’s one of the best ever. Now, about those names and home addresses.

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