topher dimaggio gay superman

Are You Ready for Topher Dimaggio as Superman?

Topher Dimaggio has been called a lot of things. is about to add “Superman” to the list. He looks the part to be sure. But can he really fuck like the Man of Steel?

Like “Gay of Thrones” and “Star Wars,” has pulled out all of the stops once again for “Batman V Superman – A Gay XXX Parody.” Unlike “Apocalypse” however, the costumes come off when it’s time to fuck. Though it doesn’t open until Friday, that’s already an encouraging sign.

topher dimaggio gay superman
As expected in an Alter Sin vehicle, the production values are top notch. Letterbox format, Dolby-quality soundtrack, and drawing from its European locale, on-point casting with not just the usual faces. Though speaking of faces, Topher sure looks great in glasses. As Batman, Trenton Ducati makes a perfect dark knight.

topher dimaggio gay superman
Francesco D’Macho is playing Lex Luthor. Damien Crosse, even though he has the brooding intensity to be a perfect villain, he plays a crime victim in the first scene. Yes, Superman cums to his rescue.

topher dimaggio gay superman
Also featured is another man who has been called many things, Paddy O’Brian. More encouraging signs already.

From that tweet above, are we going to see Superman fuck Batman … I mean Topher fuck Trenton? Of the many things Topher has been called, power top is not usually one of them. He has had his moments though. Just ask NakedSword exclusive Bray Love following their scene in “Fame Game.”

[Watch Topher Dimaggio and Bray Love in “Fame Game,” Ep. 3]


But is Topher Dimaggio literally ready to top this …

[Watch Trenton Ducati and Rex Cameron at Gay Room]

We’ll be back with the full trailer later this week ahead of the Friday premiere. But so far I have to say …

topher dimaggio gay superman

looking pretty super to me.

What do you guys think? I can’t be the only one excited about this … or can I?

7 thoughts on “Are You Ready for Topher Dimaggio as Superman?”

  1. ugh Topher falls short for the role, literally. His fucking is so unsexy filled with grunts. Sigh another porn parody that’s trash. Why can’t they make a good porn parody just like straight porn does.

  2. Topher used to be on of my favorite but now he just looks bored. Hope they fuck with the suits on. That be hot!

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