Topher DiMaggio’s Acting!

Great acting, or, the greatest acting? Watch Topher in the free hardcore trailer for his new Golden Gate episode below.

His delivery–particularly the way he says “I appreciate it; thank you so much” at the :33 second mark–is acting at its finest. A gay porn star playing a conniving escort who feigns gratitude for the hunky rich boyfriend he’s taking advantage of reads his lines with the emotional depth of…a conniving escort? Mind = blown.

And if that weren’t enough, then we get to watch them fuck. Topher and Heath’s disparate body types together is my gay porn dream come true:


[Golden Gate Episode 2: “Old Habits Die Hard“] 

16 thoughts on “Topher DiMaggio’s Acting!”

  1. Topher? The only good film he made when he blew Chaz Coleman….since then he has become a bore…soon he will be selling his tired ass on Rentboy….

  2. topher is indeed very beautiful and by the way he can kiss like a god, still the best scenes he ever did were for randy blue when he wasn’t blown up with muscles and he stuill had that twink look. They always partner hjim with the wrong guys and the stylist working there hasn’t got a clue. Anyway i also think he should BOTTOM

  3. That is pretty good acting. Did you see how heavy he was riding Topher and baby
    pretended like that elephant was light as a feather.(Heath don’t send hate mail.) LOL

  4. Oh come. He’s not bad. I’ve seen worse.

    BTW he’s so hot, could have had a better looking scene partner though

  5. Does he have some kind of accent too or is just storing something in his mouth? He is good looking (although until this scene I had never noticed the acne scars on his face) but the only-top thing is getting old. And he has a bad reputation doesn’t he?

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