“Total Tops” Now Include a “Love Bunny?”

“Disco nouveau” act “Total Tops” has just dropped their debut single “Love Bunny.” The Sword spoke exclusively with founder Jay Q to get at the bottom of it.

“‘Total Tops’ certainly makes every LGBT folk I’ve met giggle with recognition, which was the effect I wanted to achieve. It’s not any dirtier than that. It’s a wink, really. It’s silly and fun, just like the music.” ~Jay Q

Total Tops makes an eclectic mix of fun ’70s influenced dance music. “Love Bunny”, featuring singer Chloe Williamson, is the musical equivalent of a giant, Easter egg shaped disco ball.

The video, made with help of visual collaborators Anthony Manfredonia and Rob Tate, is set inside Labyrinth, an audio-­‐visual sculpture by artist Ian Brill.

“Love Bunny” is the first single off Total Tops’ forthcoming EP “Let Me See Your WhatWhat, “ which is scheduled for release in summer 2016.

Since “Total Tops” usually means something very different here at The Sword, a visual aide for the correct definition:

[Jimmy Durano owns Gabirel Cross’ hole in “Stiff Sentence” from Hot House]

What do you think of the tune?

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