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When The City Gym Boys Got Pumped At Hot House

If they can’t dance, they can’t fuck. These guys can dance. Therefore…

To celebrate 20 years of their daytime bitchfest, “The View” kicked things off on September 6th with a brand new theme song thanks to the vocal talents of Mary J. Blige.

The month before, they launched a YouTube video contest to the song and the entries are starting to appear.

One of first is this dance, flex, and pump filled submission from City Boys NY.

These men are no stranger to the dance floor. Or the gym floor. Which made me think of “The Trainer” series from Hot House.
trainer jimmy durano landon mycles hot houseThat was all about taking the ferocity of a serious work-out and following it through to the sexual intensity it leads to.

Imagine if Jimmy Durano and Landon Mycles filmed their scene from “The Trainer” at the City Gym. It would go down something like this.

[Watch Jimmy Durano and Landon Mycles in “The Trainer” scene two]

Click here for our coverage of all of the scenes from “The Trainer” or view them at Hot House.

(h/t Towleroad)

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