travis james fucks chris harder

Why Tuesdays Suck On The Blue Screen

Sure, Chris Harder looks hot in the picture. But one picture does not a porn scene make. Even on Tuesday.

Monday has a lot of solos and lets you get caught up on porn from the weekend. Wednesday is Hump Day. Thursday is almost Friday. And Friday starts the weekend. That leaves Tuesday kind of lost.

Too often, a lot of the porn that comes out on Tuesdays has something in common: it goes up on the day when they hope it will get the least possible eyeballs while remaining on their update schedule.

It’s the holidays and I am mindful of that phrase “if you have nothing nice to say …”

travis james fucks chris harderAccordingly, I also muted the speakers on The Sword’s Pornback Machine™.

travis james fucks chris harderI will say this. I like Chris Harder a lot. And Travis James has a nice face and dick.

travis james fucks chris harderIf a scene doesn’t do anything for the models or help build the brand, chances are no one is going to be opening their wallets to pay for it. Which means the whole jig is up. Or am I the one that’s off my jig? Tuesdays? Bah humbug.

[Watch Chris Harder & Travis James in “Working The Case”]

[Chris Harder, how did a hot guy like you wind up in a scene like this? To see Chris at his sexy best, Explore the Chris Harder Theater at NakedSword]

2 thoughts on “Why Tuesdays Suck On The Blue Screen”

  1. That explains Tuesdays. What it doesn’t explain is why Travis wasn’t replaced when he showed up looking like that. Ahh, of course, never mind. Chris Harder is a real trooper.

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