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John & Tom: “Happy Endings” Ever After?

What the world calls “escorts,” John Travolta calls “therapeutic masseurs.” According to the latest bombshell, so does another big-time Hollywood A-Lister. Any guesses who?

Gay rumors about John Travolta are nothing new. Ditto for allegations and subsequent lawsuits against him from former”therapeutic masseurs.” The latest incarnation of “Rub-A-Dub-Dub-Gate” ups the ante by dragging in another leading man, this one higher up on the food chain.

Even since gay porn star Paul Baressi appeared on the cover of “The National Enquirer” in May of 1990 with the headline “I Was John Travolta’s Gay Lover,” it’s been open season on his dubious sexuality. Today, it’s RadarOnline’s turn:

travolta cruise gayIn a bombshell claim, a male massage therapist named Edward, whose full identity is being withheld, told he arranged rubdowns that included a sexual “happy ending” for John Travolta, and another top A-list married male star.

Edward believes the gay encounters will rock two marriages — Travolta’s to former model Kelly Preston and the other between the unnamed former Oscar contender, whom Radar has chosen not to name, and a woman well known in the entertainment industry.

Edward helps run a sex service called “Man 2 Man Massage,” which he described as “a roving gang of unlicensed massage therapists who specialize in ‘gay’ sexual favors. All the men who use the service realize that they are going to get a lot more than a massage!”

travolta cruise gay
John & his beard, Kelly Preston
The unnamed star’s shocking encounter took place at Miami’s Four Seasons in 2011. Radar gave the masseur a polygraph test about that session and the man passed.

According to the masseur, “since [the star] didn’t resist, the subject proceeded to masturbate him and then performed oral sex on him. I had gay sex with him, and he was very comfortable with it.”

Though reps for both stars vehemently denied the claims in this story, Edward claimed to Radar that he’s also arranged massages for 62-year-old Travolta, whose marriage to Preston, 53, has been repeatedly rocked by reports of Travolta’s gay double life.

Gay rumors or not, Travolta’s marriage keeps on “Stayin’ Alive.” I bet Tom Cruise wishes he could say the same thing about his career.

For the latest A-List bones, balls, and butts from Tinsel Town …

At the time of these allegations, 2011, Tom & Katie were still married. Do you think the other “unnamed” A-List leading man is Tom Cruise? Hugh Jackman? Rosie O’Donnel?

4 thoughts on “John & Tom: “Happy Endings” Ever After?”

  1. Travolta’s been well-known since is days as Barbarino. Cruise — just wishful thinking on the part of gays.

    Scientology gets the dirt on these people during their ‘auditing’ sessions, and threatens to spill the beans on them if they leave the fold. They get them to disclose their darkest fantasies, which everybody has.

    I don’t know what you mean about Cruise’ career. It seems to be going pretty good.

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