Treasure Island Media and Pierre Fitch Are Selling Clothes, Too

I’ve been wearing gay-for-pay underwear from all day and it’s starting to bring out my inner straight guy, so I better take it off. I want to bring out my inner cum dumpster and my inner insane person, so now I’m going to buy some underwear from Treasure Island and Pierre Fitch.

Treasure Island Media has announced an upcoming revamp of their “TIM Gear” line:

Today, I am pleased to share with you some top-secret, never-before-seen mock-ups for the ALL NEW 2012 TIMGear line-up. With your feedback in hand, we made key changes to several of your favorites and added new items you’ve been begging for. …I promise you, this is just the beginning, stay tuned as we announce other cool, new products perfect for the inner breeder in all of us.

And then Pierre Fitch went on Twitter and said this:

Part of me is an inner fucktard with an asshole that is dripping cum, but my other inner part of me is a crazy person who is freaking out on the internet all day long. Which kind of underwear should I buy?

My underwear tells the story of who I am sexually. My underwear represents my hopes and dreams. My underwear makes a profound statement about who I am as a consumer and who I am as a gay man. My underwear has skid marks sometimes. My underwear is a way of life. I am my underwear. We are all my underwear.

[TIM Gear]
[Pierre Wear]


15 thoughts on “Treasure Island Media and Pierre Fitch Are Selling Clothes, Too”

  1. I’d suggest they instead print “Facially Wasted Breeder” on those jocks. That would nicely sync with their logo.

    1. wow, people, have a bit too much time on our hands, HATERS? Geez, where’s all the love from this bunch of queers?! Your mouth is going to stay frowning like that if you do it all the time.

  2. call me old fashioned but i still like to wear calvin klein briefs. nothing says sexy like underwear from a twice married closet case who recently had a tempestuous affair with a gay porn star.

    1. LOL I’m sure the closet case that comes to mind is the same one you’re talking about, but I’m curious as to who the porn star he’s having an affair with is. Unless you are speaking generally, nevermind then.

  3. Those TIM clothing looks like the stuff you can buy online and have a logo printed/sewed onto it. As for “Pierre Wear” I think consumers would need to see what the underwear looks like before a pre-order is placed. However, given the high prices of men’s designer underwear, I wish them luck on their fashion endeavors. I’ll stick to my cheap undies…

  4. Treasure Island Media needs a new line of income as their porn output lately has been abysmal. Same old tired performers doing the same old tired things. Usually a tragically tattooed top and a lily white scrawny bottom going through the motions by rote. Their porn productions are an endless loop of poop lately.

  5. If Next Door; TIM and Pierre Fitch can sell underwear, others could start to do the same. What about ” Older for Me “; “My First Silver Daddy”; ” Daddy Lamar ” etc. selling geriatric diapers, geriatric walkers, Ginkgo Biloba…

  6. Those T.I.M. jocks are just plain corny looking. I’ll stick to my comfy Kirkland – 62 waist low-rise briefs, thank you very much.

  7. Haven’t left a comment in a long time…

    TIM now are selling Tshirts saying Fucktard and Loaded? I just don’t get it!! I think I need to start pressing Tshirts as well saying… I wear condoms so “GET OVER IT”, I’m not your “Cum Dumpster”…

    I mean what is fair is fair…Right??

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