Treasure Island Media Giving Away Dark Chocolate With Every Purchase Of BruthaLoad Vol. 6 DVD

Chocolate. BruthaLoad. Get it? Because the cast of the movie is all black guys.

Presumably, you don’t get the candy if you download the movie online, but if you order a DVD version through the mail, you’ll get some dark chocolate to go with all the loads of cum and 10-inch black cocks.

Here’s what one Brutha-buying consumer just emailed me:

I recently purchased Brotherloads 6, as I am a huge fan of my darker brothers. Well, when I received it in the mail, I was shocked to find out that Treasure Island was packaging this DVD with a free piece of chocolate for its customers. I just find it ridiculously offensive. I’m not black, but I am Middle Eastern and as an ethnic minority I thought it was tacky and tasteless. Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate was delicious, but what’s next? “Rice Hooker 4” comes with a free fortune cookie? “Towel Head 8” comes with a free pack of deodorant? “Shabbat ShaHole 16” comes with a free pack of coupons?

Come on now. I know it’s just porn, but at a certain point, we need to do better as a community. Just my two cents. Thanks for listening!

I also find this ridiculously offensive. Not because it’s possibly racist, but because this offer isn’t available to people who download the title online. Why should certain people be left out of receiving the free chocolate just because they don’t like DVDs? That’s discrimination.

Out of all the things that Treasure Island has done, this is the worst.

A rep from the studio proudly emailed me in response to the offended customer:

We’re glad to hear he enjoyed the tasty dark chocolate treat we enclosed with his recent purchase from our hit BruthaLoad series. While we have yet to explore the “Rice Hooker, Towel Head, or Shabbat ShaHole” series, we will definitely keep his suggestions in mind.

Here’s the BruthaLoad trailer, which is available for purchase now!


Has Treasure Island finally gone too far?
What’s your favorite kind of chocolate candy?
Have you ever emailed a gay porn blog to complain about racism?
Do you eat food that comes in the mail?


24 thoughts on “Treasure Island Media Giving Away Dark Chocolate With Every Purchase Of <em>BruthaLoad Vol. 6</em> DVD”

  1. I love the intro, PURE STOCK Apple Motion templete. Bet Apple never thought that could be used for porn. LOL.

  2. That trailer was not enticing enough for me to buy or downland this movie…TIM your gonna have to do better..Btw is it just jerking off?..

  3. They should have instead packaged a nice sample of dark roast coffee. Cause I love putting my cream in some dark coffee…

    People need to lighten up it is not racist!

    1. What promo gifts does TIM send out with their all white titles? If it’s not racist, it’s certainly pandering.

  4. Surprised that ppl still find anything that comes from TIM offensive considering they had movies like N****’s Revenge and Stump. Personally the Bruthaload series is boring as hell. Some of the guys are hot, but what a waste of $$$ paying that much for a DVD full of nothing but masturbation scenes. You can get way more than that from a website that caters exclusively to black guys only and for the same price of a DVD you get about 2 months of memberships to those sites. That’s plenty of time to download all the content available on those websites.

      1. Haha oops sorry about that thanks for the correction! Those 2 studios are both so raunchy I get them confused sometimes.

  5. Well I meaaaaan.. what kind of chocolate was it? Brand name, or some knockoff 99 cent store crap?

    I do love fortune cookies..
    Deodorant is an essential part of life..
    .. and I do love a good episode of Extreme Couponing because those bitches are crazy.

    Where’s my free gift? Paying $40-50 for a DVD is overwhelmingly more offensive than a free gift. Come on now.

  6. I just don’t get it. When was the last time Treasure Island Media made a big deal of their work that features white guys. Is there a “Cracker Load?” If not, there should be. Why not send out a jar of mayonnaise with their next DVD?

  7. yes it’s offensive. no, i will not elaborate as to all the reasons why because there’s enough historical documentation & current coverage of similar offenses for whomever, to do their own research should they actually give a shit. i’ve learned to ignore the stupidity of crackers (similar in look but distinctly different in nature to white folks) at treasure island media & in everyday life any way. enjoy your “chocolate”.

    1. Well because Channel 1 rarely uses black models, unless there is some white booty to be gang-bsnged, I’m sure chocolate treats won’t be part of any future giveaways.

  8. Well thanks Zach, for ruining the surprise…

    Since the cat is out of the bag, I am happy to say that as a token of our love for our fans and to celebrate the sweet joy of a delicious chocolate man, we are INDEED including a special morsel with select purchases of BruthaLoad 6. We hope that our fans find this tasty treat a pleasant surprise.


    Mitch Mason

  9. Alas I emailed Falcon once about a flyer advertising sex toys. The pink ones were listed as “natural” and the black ones were called “black.” The answer for this: the color designations were meant to describe the color of the toys, not any type of racial stuff. When I asked how pink was classified as “natural” our email correspondence stopped. This was early 2004.

    Like gay porn as much as the next person, but have decided the industry will live off its racism until the end of time.

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