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The Doggie Waits While The Master Bates

Trenton Ducati gives his sex pup, Skyy Knox, more than one kind of bone today. And each one is thicker than the next.

Here in Gay Porn Land, man’s best friend takes another xxx turn in this second scene from “Skuff: Dog House” from Hot House.

Trenton Ducati is the Master of these ceremonies in an effortless way.

As for Skyy Knox, calling him a dog in the conventional sense defies the hotness of this man. But by the time he done today, he just might be having you say, “Woof.” It sure did the trick on Trenton.

Skyy’s ability to completely lose himself in the role of a sex pup put on this earth with the singular purpose of pleasing his master is worth creating an award just to recognize it. Not to mention Trenton’s heretofore unrecognized talent as the ultimate dog whisperer who in reality only needs to raise his thick dick, not his voice.

trenton ducati skyy knoxYou will never look at the phrase “give your doggie a bone” quite the same way again.

trenton ducati skyy knoxAs for giving this doggie a boner, Trenton knew exactly what to do.

trenton ducati skyy knox“The pup’s warm hole feels amazing and Trenton works himself to the brink before he pulls out and gives Skyy the ultimate reward with a face and mouth full of cum. Skyy laps it all up as his trainer gives him permission to let loose.” And with that, the rumor of gay porn going to the dogs comes true once again.

[Watch Skyy & Trenton in “Skuff: Dog House” scene two at Hot House]

Has an invitation for puppy play ever barked at your door?

3 thoughts on “The Doggie Waits While The Master Bates”

  1. Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of some gay porn producers . . . and some of us perverts who like what they’re dishing out. It’s just plain weird. No wonder ultra-conservative right-wing evangelical Christian fascists want to put us all back in the closet and lock the door.

    1. I personally don’t care what the religious right thinks about us. Here’s how to deal with intolerant conservatives — vote them the fuck out of office.

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