Trevor Brooks Finally Shows Off His Top Side (!) in Flip with Evan Knoxx

We here at The Sword have been positively smitten with Trevor Brooks since he made his studio debut earlier this year. In fact, we love him so much that we picked two of his scenes—his bottomings for Jacob Acosta and Lane Colten—as a joint #1 in our Top 10 CockyBoys Scenes of 2022 (So Far!). He’s that good.

So color us extra excited for his new scene, where the voracious bottom shows us that he can top, too! In the latest chapter of Surrender, the newcomer is paired with Evan Knoxx, one of the most truly versatile performers in the business. As expected, the results are magic.

Evan Knoxx, Trevor Brooks Evan Knoxx, Trevor Brooks

The tight jean shorts are back (an unfortunate recurring theme in this “erotic daydream”), and we also have to sit through some closeups of fruit—along with some foreplay that includes Trevor teasing a blindfolded Evan with a feather (this actually looks like torture to me, but whatever). After feeding Evan a blackberry, cute Trevor feeds him his rock-hard cock.

Evan Knoxx, Trevor Brooks Evan Knoxx, Trevor Brooks

Trevor sucks his bud back, then starts to get more verbal (one of the many things I love about him) as he eats out Evan’s smooth hole. Trevor then fucks him from behind, starting slow and steady (we get a nice shot of his hot boner as it comes out before he thrusts it back in) and then picking up the pace. Trevor then goes back to his comfort zone, sitting down on Evan as the two take turns driving the action.

Evan Knoxx, Trevor Brooks Evan Knoxx, Trevor Brooks

But my favorite part has Evan on his back, his big dick nice and plump, as Trevor tops him again. “Please don’t stop!”moans Evan as the overhead shot gives us a great view of their two hot bods before they burst on the bottom.

What do you think of Trevor as a top? I can’t wait to see what he does next!

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


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