Trevor Brooks Gets Wrecked Thanks To Sir Peter’s Massive Dick

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know that one porn star we can simply never get enough of is Sir motherfucking Peter. It doesn’t matter who he’s fucking, where he’s fucking, or what studio he’s fucking for, you can always count on us being obsessed with this man and his massively oversized slab of cock.

That all being said, you can only imagine how excited we were when we saw that this award-winning hunk was not only starring in the premiere of NakedSword X Beau Butler, the new limited series from that sees Beau Butler as a director, producer, and performer, but also its second scene! Yep, in addition to that Sir Peter threeway we just told you about, we’re also getting a new bareback fuck that ends with Trevor Brooks’ hole absolutely gaping from Sir’s big fat cock! What more could you want?!

Go ahead and take a look below at some pics and vids, let us know what you think down in the comments, and for even more NakedSword X Beau Butler content with this hung fan favorite, click on over to!

Got any hot thoughts? Would you let this man’s girthy meat stretch out you hole? Let us know in the comments below and for even more bareback action from NakedSword X Beau Butler, head over to “the Netflix of gay porn” –!

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7 thoughts on “Trevor Brooks Gets Wrecked Thanks To Sir Peter’s Massive Dick”

    1. Beau Butler is “directing” this. He can’t even spell the word never mind know how to do it. He needs to stick to being an overexposed bimbo with a pencil cock.

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