trevor long fucks colton grey

Colton Grey Gets Long Dicked

Hunky Trevor Long stuffs Colton Grey like a Thanksgiving turkey then feeds him dessert.

He began his porn career as Damien West in half a dozen scenes for NextDoorWorld. In October, he was rechristened Trevor Long and appeared a couple of times on DickDorm. But it the next month on Bromo it got some attention. Especially with his scene with Tobias that we looked at a few weeks ago.

Today, Trevor makes his debut along with Colton Grey in “Home Service”.

trevor long fucks colton grayName changes notwithstanding, this is a bit of an unusual trajectory as usually porn stars start in condom shoots then crossover to bareback. Trevor Long is doing the opposite. And he’s set up for success. Marc MacNamara directed this scene and there’s a unique and particular sexually infused elegance unique to his scenes. Including this one.

trevor long fucks colton grayIn “Home Service”, Trevor long has nabbed an elusive NYC apartment lease for himself and roommate Colton. Of course, that means Home = Homo and the servicing that gets done starts with Colton deep throat.

trevor long fucks colton GreyLike any tiny shoebox masquerading as a dwelling in the city, you have to stuff things wherever you can. That means Trevor’s dick deep inside Colton’s other hole. And while I don’t know if Trevor and Colton got around to getting a pumpkin pie in the middle of a move, we do know that Colton’s face got plenty of whipped cream.

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