Tristan Hunter Riding Roman Todd Is a Thing of Beauty

I get giddy when two of my all-time favorite performers are paired together, and lightening strikes twice as Tristan Hunter and Roman Todd (who we just saw looking fine as fuck getting pounded cowboy style) meet up for a hung fuck that doesn’t disappoint.

A few months ago at Hot House, we saw the pair flip fuck in the locker room in the sequel SCRUM Balls to the Wall. It was a glorious scene that showed off their versatility (one of the reasons I love these two so much is that they are both great as tops or bottoms). Now we get Round 2 at CockyBoys, where Roman embraces his alpha side and Tristan bends over.

Roman Todd, Tristan Hunter Roman Todd, Tristan Hunter

The two aren’t much for talking this time, both in the mood to get right into the sucking and fucking—and Tristan plants his mouth on Roman’s hog, deep throating him and making a mess of his underwear. Roman is clearly happy, smiling and verbalizing his excitement. It soon get even hotter when Tristan gets on his back, head tilted over the edge of the bed as verbal Roman aggressively fucks his face (which gets red as his veins pop): “Take all of it! Fuck, I love the way you suck my dick!”

Roman Todd, Tristan Hunter Roman Todd, Tristan Hunter

Roman fingers and tongues the jocks hole in a 69 before taking the bottom from behind, gripping on to his jockstrap as he takes him hard and fast doggy style. Then when we get the signature Tristan image that I will ever get enough of: the bottom rock hard, his big plump cock swaying side to side like a metronome as he rides a big dick (his own sac slamming against Roman’s balls). Then Roman reaches around to stoke Tristan as he fucks him, and I just about lose my own load. No one looks hotter bouncing up and down a dick, and I could watch Tristan do this all damn day (and he looks just as hot with his smooth, toned backside and ass facing us).

Roman Todd, Tristan Hunter

Roman Todd, Tristan Hunter

Tristan finally gets on his back, where he gets his own big dick slurped (thank the lord…it’s a travesty when a dick this hot doesn’t get sucked) before getting fucked from the side, his dick still nice and meaty. The bottom shoots out a big load as he gets fucked, Roman blasting on his hole. Can’t wait for Round 3 (maybe Tristan topping Roman?).

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


15 thoughts on “Tristan Hunter Riding Roman Todd Is a Thing of Beauty”

    1. Fun fact: Roman Todd and Tristan Hunter recently filmed a 3rd scene together again just a weeks ago. I love them as a pair. They would make a beautiful couple.

  1. Roman Todd is just such a MAN. Now, if the studio (or he) would only choose to have him grow his pubic hair out to a nice bush, he’d be PERFECT (always IMO).

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