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Slippery When Wet

“Do you like danger? Dick Danger? You can never keep a good dick down, and as corruption envelops the Hollywood Hills once again, a hardened man comes to the rescue.”

From our friends at TitanMen comes their latest creation, “Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick!”

TitanMen exclusives Liam Knox and Hunter Marx go undercover in Tinsel Town. To say their cover is quickly blown is an understatement. If you ever wondered how cops got to called “pigs,” wonder no more.

Liam and Hunter can’t do this alone. Joining them undercover under the covers are Hans Berlin, Micah Brandt, Tristan Jaxx, Derek Maxum, and Adam Ramzi.

[Watch “Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick!” at TitanMen]

The first scene premieres today with Tristan Jaxx and Adam Ramzi. Both the photography and videography of director Jasun Marx are exceptionally crisp today.

tristan jaxx fucks adam ramzi titanmenAs to who wears it better, Tristan with those flecks of salt and pepper in his beard or Adam Ramzi with his new ‘stache, we’ll have to call that a draw. Both are looking mighty fine today.

tristan jaxx fucks adam ramzi titanmen“Adam Ramzi wants a job done. Tristan Jaxx has the hard drive he needs. “But you’re gonna have to take it from me,” Jaxx smiles. Ramzi happily accepts the offer, going in for a kiss before releasing his loaded weapon.”

tristan jaxx fucks adam ramzi titanmenFashion forecast Spring/Summer 2018: a big hard cock is the most important accessory.

tristan jaxx fucks adam ramzi titanmenOnce Tristan has slapped and licked every hair on Adam’s furry ass, his dick went in for the kill. The chemistry between the two of them is off the charts.

tristan jaxx fucks adam ramzi titanmenAfter a long hard ride, Tristan put Adam on his back. Tristan picks up the speed that sends Adam’s heavy load forth and it clings to every follicle on Adam’s belly for dear life. Once Tristan unleashes his series of high and far flying cum rips, Adam’s abs are almost invisible under a heavy lake of white.

[Watch Adam & Tristan in “Dick Danger 2: Return of the Dick” scene one at TitanMen]


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