Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor

Two Hung Former Helix Hotties Hook Up Next Door

We now take a flashback to last month for a scene worth a mention: Hung twinks Trevor Harris and Kai Taylor in a hot flip fuck…but it didn’t happen at Helix!

Both of the hotties made a name for themselves at Helix, with Trevor starting his career there in 2017 before moving on in 2021. Meanwhile, Kai is best known for his two years at Helix starting in 2022, bu has recently started to work at other studios—including his debut at GuysinSweatpants earlier this year (a hot flip with Hazel Hoffman!).

Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor

Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor

And gloriously, the two get to team up for a flip fuck of their own—fitting considering how genuinely versatile they both are! The two are studying for a math exam but Trevor can’t focus, so Kai devises a game that is more complicated than it needs to be considering they both just wanna get naked. But soon enough they are, and they swap hot sucks (I love Trevor getting face fucked!).

Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor

Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor Trevor Harris, Kai Taylor

The two then take turns rimming and fucking each other, with Kai taking it doggy before we get the hottest shot: a rock-hard Trevor sitting down on Kai’s big cock, the bottom’s own long dong frantically bobbing back and forth as he rides. Trevor then gets on his back to take some more before they squirt. Where else would you like to see free agent Kai perform now? (Just like Daniel Evans, who is having a ball trying out new studios, the world is his oyster!).

See the full scene at Next Door!


16 thoughts on “Two Hung Former Helix Hotties Hook Up Next Door”

  1. Uh, hard pass. Not into anorexic queens in need of multiple double cheeseburgers and fries. They will be dead in no time the way they are going. Barf.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. 2 ugly ass, skin and bones queens…. nastay ass lisp, and nellier than Nellie Olsen. Just an awful scene and a total disgrace to the gay population.

      1. No, you’re the disgrace to the gay population. Hypocrite you are. Put down you piece of pizza and your hot dog and send us a pic of yourself.

      2. Aren’t you a piece of work? I’m sure you have a very nice, insular life where everyone is pretty, goes to the gym daily, and makes fun of anyone different. That’s just another form of homophobia.

  2. Universal Potentate

    Was the preview done specifically to hide their holes and asses? I hope the main video wasn’t that vanilla.

  3. I like looking at their rock-hard cocks BUT I’d like them both to gain 15-20lbs. They look like their hungry…

    1. Yup same here. Being a twink is one thing but looking anorexic is another. Just cannot get excited over Trevor

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