ty thomas fucks justin owen

Justin Owen Gets Ro$e$ & Pricked By Ty Thomas

When Justin Owen said bring roses, he didn’t mean flowers. But, he did get what he really needed from Ty Thomas in end. Literally.

The title of an online post by “a bubble-butt bottom in search of roses” grabs Ty Thomas’s attention.

By “Ro$e$”, however, Justin meant cash. His bubble butt wasn’t for free. That certainly burst Ty’s romantic bubble. Initially.

As it turns out, “Ro$e$” by any another name does smell taste as sweet.

ty thomas fucks justin owenDo yourself a favor and avoid the set up except for this line, “Ty Thomas is an innocent young man who finds himself desperately seeking another man’s touch.” Ty Thomas embodies that completely. Though anyone as fine as Ty is only going to be so innocent. He and Justin go on to have the kind of sensual, romantic encounter that is also just as sexy. If not more so.

ty thomas fucks justin owen“Mood lighting” can often look like a mistake in porn. Here it works perfectly. And while Justin’s bubble butt was what got this encounter started, let’s take a moment to appreciate the golden globes of Ty while he orally gets Justin fired up for the main event.

ty thomas fucks justin owenDespite the romantic overtones and that oh-so-fuckable ass of Ty’s, don’t let the boyish charm fool you. As we saw when he gave Markie More a ride over at NextDoorRaw, the boy can fuck.

ty thomas fucks justin owenWhether this is fucking or racehorse at full gallop with his dick out is a fair question. Passion turned to lust and lust turned into two heavy, successive cum blasts. Well done, boys.

[Watch Justin Owen & Ty Thomas in “Ro$e$” at NextDoorStudios]

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  1. Justin’s just flat out amazing! I wish he’d stuck around Helix a little longer to do a scene with Troy Ryan

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