After a short confession of how Tyler Scott likes rimming, he and Luce are on a bed, kissing each other and their bodies, till the point where they're both naked and Luce Fair is liking Tyler's tight hole.

But of course, Luce also knows how to rim and finger in the perfect combination for Tyler.

Luce_Fair, Tyler_Scott Luce_Fair, Tyler_ScottLuce_Fair, Tyler_Scott

Tyler is enjoying it so much, that halfway through he can't help but put his dick inside to get a deeper taste of Luce's perfect hole.

Luce_Fair, Tyler_Scott Luce_Fair, Tyler_Scott Luce_Fair, Tyler_Scott

Although that doesn't last too long as both boys adopt a 69 position to further explore each others bodies before going to the final assault, where all the pounding will make Luce burst in no time!