vander franco flip fuck chaosmen

Vander’s Bare Invasion of “Str8” Boy Franco

Franco has had a hard time admitting how good getting pounded can feel until Vander’s thick dick fucked the truth out of him.

It was supposed to be a bareback three-way at ChaosMen. But when they found themselves one man down, Franco found his ass was in the hot seat. Literally.

Franco said he had seen Vander’s dick. But clearly, he hadn’t seen Vander’s scenes. He figured getting Vander to flip to would ultimately garner his ass a bit of a reprieve. We know better. Boy, did str8 boy figure wrong. Vander is as good as they come. Franco should consider himself lucky.

vander franco flip fuck chaosmen22 year old Franco is a Texas dad. Typical at ChaosMen, he arrived at the site under the chasing cash, top only proviso. But a funny thing happened when he flipped with Griffin. As Griffin broke him in, his cock didn’t just get hard. It stayed hard. Since then he’s topped, bottomed, and even been creampied in a three way. But that fat, hungry 8.5″ of Vander is bigger than anything he’s taken. Yet.

vander franco flip fuck chaosmenChaosMen says he was “fascinated” by Vander’s heavy hanger. One thing is for sure, he couldn’t get that thing into his mouth fast enough. Vander rolled them onto the bed for a 69. Then they rolled over again and Franco rolled right into Vander.

vander franco flip fuck chaosmenThen it was Vander’s turn. Ever the consummate screen partner, Vander watched and responded accordingly. The harder Franco’s cock got each thrust, the harder the next thrust would be.

vander franco flip fuck chaosmenVander never got to full throttle fucking and that means Franco missed out. But that throbbing dick he got from Vander’s pounding did not go to waste. It goes right back into Vander, served him up a creampie, then back in again for Vander to get a heavy nut of his own. Not bad for a “str8 boy” eh?

[Watch “Franco & Vander RAW” at ChaosMen]

ChaosMen is having a Halloween sale and it’s already begun.
vander franco flip fuck chaosmen
The first treat of the season has arrived.

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