Viktor Rom Ramwey Reis Men of Madrid

The Day It Rained Cum In Madrid

If all of the men in Spain are this hot and this hung, time to start stretching your hole while you find your passport.

That standing 69 between Gabriel Taurus and Mario Domenech in the first scene from “Men of Madrid” was just a warm-up for the what goes down today. Both making their Raging Stallion debuts, sexy newcomer Ramwey Reis gets broken in by the fat, uncut cock of Viktor Rom.

Viktor Rom Ramwey Reis Men of Madrid
Even with a chorizo like his, if double-penetrating Ibrahim Moreno on Tuesday was no problem for Viktor Rom, then taking ownership of Ramwey Reis is a done deal. Ramwey slobbers on Viktor’s thick cock and chews on that heavy foreskin like a man having his last meal. Maybe he wasn’t sure he wouldn’t survive what was coming next.

Viktor Rom Ramwey Reis Men of Madrid
Enjoying the power to make him wait, Viktor turns Ramwey’s hole into his personal tapas bar. As far as the “Rimjob or BlowJob?”, I like watching Viktor’s answer a lot.

Viktor Rom Ramwey Reis Men of Madrid
The men are beautiful. The production is beautiful. Their attraction is powerful and the sex that ensues is a showcase of unbridled lust. Following the open air pounding he gets from Viktor, if we asked Ramwey “Rimjob or BlowJob?”, after seeing this, I know what he would say. He’d want another Rom-job..

[Watch the Ramwey Reis & Viktor Rom in “Men of Madrid” feature]

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