Wait…Is Tristan Hunter in a Throuple?!

I don’t think Tristan Hunter is officially in a throuple with gay porn power couple Daniel Evans and Evan Knoxx, but at this point he might as well be—and I would watch every damn scene they did together, in whatever configuration they wanted.

You may recall the trio put on arguably the hottest threesome of last year in Falcon LIVE: 4 the Fans, where they all showed off their versatility by topping and bottoming each other—each of them staying rock hard throughout (as a reminder, that’s three very beautiful cocks). It was one of the first forays outside of Guys in Sweatpants for real-life couple Daniel and Evan, and since then both of them have gotten more popular with each scene they do. We then recently saw Tristan and Dan flip fuck each other, and now Tristan is back to bend over for Evan—so it all evens out in the universe.

Tristan Hunter, Evan Knoxx Tristan Hunter, Evan Knoxx

In this new scene, horny Evan licks the smooth hole of slumbering Tristan, who is then happy to open up his hole even more for his bud’s big dick. The bottom fucks himself on it, backing up nicely. Tristan then takes charge and flips Evan on his back to sit on his cock and ride him hard, giving us one of his amazing signature shots with his sizable slab hard as a rock as it bounces on a big one (remember him riding hung Cade Maddox? Still one of my favorite visuals ever!).

Tristan Hunter, Evan Knoxx Tristan Hunter, Evan Knoxx

Tristan gets Evan to thrust up into him, then rotates into a reverse cowboy. The bottom then sucks Evan while also finger fucking himself (that’s talent!). Evan then gets his shot at sucking Tristan, which leads to a hot 69 (yay! It’s such a shame when a big-dicked bottom like Tristan gets no cock attention). Tristan then gets pounded some more as Evan drills him on his back (would you look at that sexy smirk from Tristan…and that dick?!).

Tristan Hunter, Evan Knoxx Tristan Hunter, Evan Knoxx

Evan fucks the cum out of Tristan, then pulls out and shoots a huge load on the bottom’s hole before fucking it into him. You can always count on Tristan, Evan and Daniel to put on a great show, and this latest combination is no exception. (How about a second threeway, guys? Please?!)

See the full scene at CockyBoys!


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    1. Justin is still very average looking. I also don’t like him ever since he made derogatory comments on Asians

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