Andre Bedford, Luka Phoenix

Want a Taste of This Legendary Load?

Open up that throat and get ready for a creamy deposit, because it’s time to talk about a new installment of The Art of Swallowing – the seed-soaked NakedSword Originals film that’s all about our love of semen, jizz, and cock snot.

For the second episode of this new cum-covered movie, Andre Bedford keeps hearing how hung stud Luka Phoenix has the best-tasting nut in all of New York City. Curious to taste the man’s legendary load for himself, Andre makes it his mission to swallow down Luka’s spunk and get pounded by the fucker’s massive dick. Lucky for him, all it takes is one quick interaction on a dating app for him to complete his quest. Take a look below:

Check out the scene’s full trailer below, be sure to let us know your hot thoughts in the comments, and for even more Art of Swallowing action, click on over to “the Netflix of gay porn” –!

[Watch THE ART OF SWALLOWING ft. Andre Bedford & Luka Phoenix]


5 thoughts on “Want a Taste of This Legendary Load?”

  1. Universal Potentate

    If the premise is “He has a magical load” then you fade out before the cum shot, it loses the very thing you were advertising.
    And tell the bottom to wax his crack. Thanks!

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